Fundraising for Solar Power and Water Pump for the School

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Funding Requirements for urgent needs at Sanyati Baptist High School

The school urgently requires solar systems for the following areas:


  1. Dining Hall – School losing food during Zesa outages (load requirements about 4Kw).
  2. Admin building – For continuation of learning during Zesa outages (approximate load 15Kw) 3. Submersible pump – for continuity of supply of water during power outages.

Fundraising committee, after talking to the school, decided to initially raise funds for the dining hall. After dining hall, funds will be raised for the admin building and then for the pump. Actual financial requirements are:

Dining Hall

The dining hall will require a 5Kva solar system as detailed below:

Qty Description Unit Price(US$) Total Price (US$)
1 5kVA Inverter 750 750
1 Lithium ion battery (48V, 100AH 950 950
10 375 Monocrystalline panel 160 1 600
Sub-total (equipment)   3 300
1 Mountings and accessories @30% of equipment cost (Approximate cost) 990
TOTAL   4 290


Admin Building

The admin building will need three, 5Kva systems. These systems will be installed one at a time. The price of each 5Kva system is as outlined above.



The pump will require a hybrid variable speed drive with appropriate solar panels. The variable speed drive will be supplied by solar panels or the grid (alternately)  to power the existing pump.

Qty Description Unit Price(US$) Total Price (US$)
1 2.2Kw single phase hybrid inverter

(approximate price)

500 500
8 375 Monocrystalline panel 160 1 280
Sub-total (equipment)   1 780
1 Mountings and accessories @30% of equipment cost (Approximate cost) 534
TOTAL   2 314


Some volunteers will provide labor and expertise for all installations.

Funding Proposal

Suggest that fund raising activities are co-ordinated via cell groups. What can each cell group contribute?

Individuals can also donate

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